Cortez Taylor

Founder of Developing Tycoon, LLC

I’ve designed this service to give chosen hard working entrepreneurs an additional source of income. I’m not interested in just anyone. The fact is not everyone qualifies. If you’ve stumbled across this service by accident but would like a website please follow this link. If someone referred you to this service of Tycoon Development other than I, Cortez Taylor, then please proceed with uncertainty for I may not be of service to you. However, true entrepreneurs know not to allow information like this discourage them. Continue on reading as you may be just what I’m looking for. If I’ve personally sought you out then congratulations, you are guaranteed my services. So lets dive right in where I explain what Tycoon Development is all about.

Definition of a Tycoon


A businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence.

– merriam-webster

You are a Tycoon in the making, to which I refer to as a Developing Tycoon.
Lets transmute your power and influence into exceptional wealth to award you with the title of an actual Tycoon.

The Setup


I’ll begin by building an e-commerce website for you to use.



Feel free to name the website whatever you’d like. 

My dollar

Websites home page
Yours to promote whatever you’d like.

Free again


I’ll manage it. 

You pay nothing.

Why You?

You have a powerful impact on a significant amount of people.
You actively interact with your followers on a regular basis.
Positive feedback
You receive a substantial amount of positive feedback from your followers.

Profit Sharing

I put together a percentage split system. You and I will share the profits made from the merchandise sold on the shop page.
  • Influencer 30% 30%
  • Developing Tycoon 50% 50%
  • Tycoon 70% 70%


Influencer 30/70

Wear – Use – Mention: optional

As an influencer I’ll ask little to nothing from you. Continue on with your life as though you’ve never heard of Tycoon Development. You will continue to earn 30% profit of merchandise sold. Check your account periodically to find a commission without lifting a finger. However, wearing, using, or simply mentioning your merchandise will heavily influence your followers to make a purchase. Leave everything else up to me. This includes, but not limited to, handling paid advertisement, finding worthy merchandise, uploading merchandise to the shop, shipping merchandise to customers, handling customer service, and dealing with returns. If you’d like to receive a larger profit percentage check out the Developing Tycoon role.

Developing Tycoon 50/50

Shop management participation:

Taking on the role of a Developing Tycoon will require you to help run the shop. Spend sometime understanding how to upload merchandise, fulfill orders, ship merchandise, and handle customer support. You will also be required to promote the merchandise by wearing, using, or just mentioning the products. Now all tycoons must take part in the developing stage. Therefor you must spend sometime as a Developing Tycoon before assuming the final role as a Tycoon.

Tycoon 70/30

Take over the shop:

You take full responsibility of the shop including customer support. Take everything you’ve learned as a Developing Tycoon and apply it here. Take it a step further and hire a shop manager. This is optional of course but I recommend it. Look at it this way. Rather then give me 20% to help run the shop as a Developing Tycoon, keep it and use about 5% of that to pay someone to do exactly what you’ve been doing. The final split could be (65/35) with you as an Influencer operating as a Tycoon.



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