About Developing Tycoon, LLC


Developing Tycoon, LLC officially established its articles of organization the 11th day of October in 2017. Time flies when we’re having fun. laughing

Born and developed in the heart of it all state more commonly known as Ohio. More precisely Canton, Ohio most famous for the birth of American Football. Go Bulldogs!

The name Developing Tycoon is a representation of all inspiring moguls to be. Tycoon’s dreamt and believed heavily in their gift to create or manage something of great use to all there is, was, and to come. Although their journeys to reach the status of Tycoon may differ, they all had to undergo a developing phase. Our mission is to be apart of your developing phase. We are all Developing Tycoon’s on a race against time. Developing Tycoon, LLC’s objective is to help expedite your journey by developing the website needed to reach as many consumers your organization can handle.

Developing Tycoon LLC certificate
Cortez Taylor

Cortez Taylor

Lead Web designer

DOB: 1986 March 16th
Raised: United States Canton, Ohio
Experience: 5 years in the field of web development as of 2022.

    Top skills

  • WordPress
  • Ecommerce
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Problem Solving

Cortez consistently demonstrates one of his most valuable qualities as a problem solver in any project that he contributes to. Fortunately, it is believed by many that, problem solving is the essence of web development. Being a problem solver has forever shaped the trajectory of his career.

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In his early twenty’s Cortez realized that he had a natural ability to quickly and effectively solve both existing and emerging problems within the companies that he worked for. It wasn’t long before he started imagining working for himself. Cortez wanted to have his own company and to solve the problems of its clients and consumers. Numerous business ideas would constantly interrupt casual conversations he would have with family and friends. These business ideas were only just that, ideas, and he needed something tangible. Cortez purchased a small notepad from Walmart that he used to write down his ideas, therefor creating tangible business plans. Eventually he had up to seven different business plans but no real business. He noticed each business plan was a completely different venture but they all had one thing in common. They all required a website to scale and operate efficiently. He also noticed that building websites was a business in and of itself. With great determination and self motivation Cortez pushed himself to learn how to write code, build databases and much more in the web designing business. In 2017 he founded Developing Tycoon, LLC his very first company.